The Building Process

The building process consists of several different phases and may be different depending on what the customer desires, and or, what is included in the contract.

  • The first phase is the dig. Chapman Pools generally will do a "stake out" before the dig takes place. This consists of driving wooden stakes into the ground to mark where the pool will be dug. An excavator will then come out and using the plan, will begin work on your pool.
  • The next phase will be the steel phase combined with a "stub out phase." Steel workers will build a skeleton inside the dirt walls of your pool using rebar. This phase is necessary to give the gunite a strong inner structure with which to bond. The steel works the same for the gunite (concrete) as the bones in your body work for your muscles. Without steel underneath, the gunite would easily crack. While the steel is being applied, workers will also be installing pipes in the walls of your pool called "stub outs." These pipes will later be connected to your pool's equipment for filtration.

  • After the steel is in place, gunite will now be applied to the floors and inner walls of your pool. Gunite is another term for concrete, except gunite is applied using a gun that shoots a pressurized combination of water, concrete, and sand.
  • Further installation of piping and equipment will now take place. The "stub outs" mentioned earlier will now be connected to pipes that run to your equipment pad. These pipes will be connected to a pump and filtration unit which circulates the water in your pool. Certain applications may differ.
  • During this phase the rock, coping, or other topping will be applied to the top walls of your pool. Tile will be applied at this point, as well.
  • Once the coping, rock, or flagstone is applied, the deck will begin to take shape. The forms are then set to shape the deck, and concrete is brought out and poured into the forms. Finishers will then apply the desired finish to the concrete.
  • The last and final major step will be the application of the plaster. This is the final coat inside the pool that gives it the white texture with which we are all familiar. Plaster can have many different finishes depending on what the customer desires. Once the plaster is applied the pool is filled with water.

To find out more about the finishing touches, click the link below.

The Start Up Process